FOA Mission:

Support, promote and expand school orchestra programs throughout the State of Florida.
Provide support and training for members in teaching, leadership, and advocacy.
Empower members through mentoring and continuing education.

2018 All-State Orchestra Audition Lists

The audition lists for the 2018 All-State Orchestras have been posted.

Updated FOA Handbook

The updated FOA Handbook has been posted to the Member Resources section of Please discard all older copies of the handbook.

FSMA/FMEA/FOA Membership

Directors must be members of FMEA/FOA in order for their students to participate in FOA events. To become of member of FMEA/FOA, use this link. The deadline for joining FMEA/FOA online is Sept. 12, 2016. 

Your school must also be a member of FSMA. Your administration can use this link to join FSMA.

Updated MPA Music Lists

Newly approved Concert MPA music lists have been posted to the MPA Music page. These lists will be used for 2016-2017 District and State Concert MPA. Please discard all lists from prior years.

FOA Members Email

FOA member, please check your email/spam settings to insure that messages from are coming to your inbox. This will help ensure that we are able to provide information to you in a timely fashion. Thank you.

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