All-State Audition Requirements and Application Forms


All-State Audition Requirements for the 2016 All-State Orchestras

NOTE: Sheet music for All-State auditions is not available for download. Music needed for auditions must be purchased. Information concerning edition or vendor is listed on the All-State audition lists.

Observe the listed edition of the audition material.  In many cases different editions have different musical material.  Students will be judged based on edition listed!


The Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies, which is used for the Middle School All-State auditions, is currently available in a new edition (which is listed in the audition requirements). NOTE: The new edition will be used for All-State Adjudication.

All-State Errata

9-10 Cello Etude – Merk Studies Op. 11,  Etude No 12

There is a misprint in measure 73, the 5th note should be marked D-double sharp.  Also the tempo should be adjusted to quarter note = 100

7-8 Viola Etude – Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies for the Viola, Book 1, Etude No. 20

There is a misprint in the new edition of the Wohfahrt Foundation Studies for the Viola, Book 1. This affects the first viola etude for the 7-8 All-State audition, etude No. 20. The publisher has been notified of the misprint and has created a corrected copy for new purchases. If you have already purchased a book and it does not have the corrected copy, please email and a corrected copy will be emailed to you.


PLEASE NOTE: Traditional, Home and Virtual School students MUST be enrolled in their local public or private school orchestra or their home school music association. If no orchestra program exists at the student's local public or private school, the student MUST be enrolled in a music class at that school and be sponsored by that school music teacher who is a member of FBA, FVA, FOA and/or FMEA and who is at least an FOA Associate member. No student will be allowed to audition for any FOA All-State Orchestra unless the sponsoring teacher is a current Full or Associate member of FOA. (Executive Board Action, October 28, 2010)


2016 All-State Application Forms

  • All-State Orchestras Application - (To Be Completed Online) - Directors Only
  • FOA Parental Agreement Form - (Adobe Acrobat PDF) - Must be included for all orchestras! One per student. 
  • All-State Student Participation Contract (One contract per student.) Available on the FMEA-MPA Online website. (Students may obtain this from their director.)
  • 7 - 8 Honors Orchestra Application - (Adobe Acrobat PDF)  (Available on the FMEA-MPA Online website.)
  • 9 - 12 Honors Orchestra Application - (Adobe Acrobat PDF)  (Available on the FMEA-MPA Online website.)

2016 All-State Rehearsal Locations

Listing of rehearsal locations for 2016 Clinic Conference (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

The All-State Audition Requirements and Application forms are Adobe Acrobat 7.0 (pdf) files. These pdf forms are now able to be saved if you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 or later.

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